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How to use SizeGenetics Device

Baring the lucky exception, almost every man out there has thought about ways to enlarge his package one way or the other at one point in his life. Enhancement surgery sounds and looks more like the work of the devil and has everyone cringing only at the mere sight of the technique that implies a painful insertion of springs and screws into your penis.

With the SizeGenetics Device, however, you will experience a painless growth that is 100% safe and which has permanent results. Sooner than you expect, you will be able to satisfy your partner the way both of you have always dreamed of.

SizeGenetics really makes size matterSizeGenetics 1

There are literally thousands of ads on the internet promoting some of the most oddball ideas and treatments guaranteed to make your penis twice as big. The truth is that if you were to fall for one of these scams not only would you lose a lot of money, but you might also hurt yourself and even suffer irreparable damage to your precious family jewelry. Where SizeGenetics Device differentiates from all the fake ads is that it promises natural growth and it strongly delivers.

By using it, you will notice a growth that varies between 1 and 2.5 inches, which is just as much as nature allows it once you have become a man and surpassed the standard age of development. A recent survey has shown that 90% of the men who used SizeGenetics Device have noticed a satisfactory growth that has completely upgraded their lifestyle.

The proper use of this device

The benefits of using SizeGenetics Device are the natural penis enhancement and the longer durations that you will experience during copulation. To achieve these benefits, you must make sure that you are using it correctly. Here are the basic instructions:

Take the device and set it with at least 1 inch longer than the actual size of your penis. Next, attach the base ring on your shaft and secure it with the band ends that are on the opposite end. Make sure you strap it correctly and that you feel comfortable using it on that level. Also, ensure that the noose is not too tight and that you have a regular flow of blood to your genitals. Now that everything is in place, you must maintain the traction until the sixth month of the program. It might seem like a long time but it will give you the spoils of having a bigger penis for the rest of your life.

Penis enhancement is possible long after you have started your adult life, but it is only viable through the natural process of accumulating newly created cells in your muscle. The secret behind the SizeGenetics Device is that it stretches the muscle tissues in your genitalia steady, slowly and without you actually feeling it. At least 80% of users questioned on this matter have said that they have not experienced pain, discomfort or other issues during the whole length of the program.